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xpTOOLS Help

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2022 6:23 pm
by MartinReid
I'm going to start this new thread with an appeal..

I'm looking for some help from a PSION Organiser II CM/XP owning enthusiast with a Comms Link connected to a Windows PC.

Let me explain, I have been looking at options for CM/XP owning Amateur Radio Enthusiasts that want to use their Organiser to log their contacts. The link below will show their options. But it has become apparent that the poor file handling ability of the standard CM/XP is an issue when using these options. With this is mind I've combined a series of available file handling routines with some additional Comms functions to produce an xpTOOLS program pack. I'm looking for someone who has the time to help with the debugging of the program pack and error checking of the documentation. The link (here) has access to the OPK and documentation. If you are up for it you can let me know here or use the contact information at the link above.

Sincerely and in good faith

Re: xpTOOLS Help

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2022 2:05 am
by Lostgallifreyan
In a week or so I might have some time to look at this. I want to practise bass for a party later in the month and get past a dental appointment, because if I look at this I want to be able to give it full attention.