LZ64 for sale

If you want to get rid of some Organiser II equipment...
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LZ64 for sale

Post by PaulK »


I have an LZ64 for sale in great condition if anyone is interested. Was looking for £30 + shipping (cost only - you pay whatever I pay).

Was going to list on EBay but thought I'd try here first to save the fees and writing the listing - everyone here already knows what one is!!

Will upload photos if anyone is interested.

Many thanks

Paul :-)
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LZ64 for sale

Post by MartinReid »

This is a great offer Paul, especially for a member wanting to upgrade from an CM/XP to a 64K LZ. Great price at £30.00. Watching eBay will see that the lower specification LZ32's sell for around that and the 64's the cheapest recently was £45 (and that was tatty looking) they usually hold their price at around £60-£80 so this is a bargain for any member.

How would someone know they were getting a good one?

Firstly.. from a reputable seller (the powerful pierre for example) in this case PaulK [tick]

Then does it look in good condition?
  • Number keypad is a pale blue colour (not yellowish that comes with long exposure to sunlight)
  • EXE (and ON/CLEAR) keys un-marked and readable
  • No marks or scratches in the casing (especially the metal screen shroud)
  • Screen clear and unscratched (adjustment wheel adjusts the contrast)
  • Battery compartment clean (no leaking batteries)
  • Is it is quite in operation - small click with a key press
    no whistle or buzzing that is a sign of a failing electrolytic capacitor (more here)
Jaaps models and versions page (here) will explain that. You can check which version you have by typing into the calculator.
PEEKB(-24) = 13 for LZ64 (= 14 for an LZ32) and PEEKB(-23) between 66 and 70 for an LZ Model

Finally... Paul is this a 'spare' LZ64 or are you letting you own go?

Sincerely and in good faith
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Re: LZ64 for sale

Post by PaulK »

Following Martins comments, here are a couple of pics of 2 LZ64s I have.

One is much more "well used" than the other, and shows signs of light exposure and "yellowing".

I hope it illustrates Martin's point.

Many thanks

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