LZ vs LZ64

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LZ vs LZ64

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Νίκος made the comment... I have seen many times written that LZ64 is better than LZ. But all these years I am involved with Psion's II programming, practically I haven't seen any difference between these two models. My biggest app is a little bigger than 19kb. It is working with both models.

I remember years ago when I had written a very big app, I got the message "OUT OF MEMORY" from an LZ model. I thought that this would work with an LZ64 because of the double size of internal memory. But I got the same message (OUT OF MEMORY) even with the LZ64 model. So I was forced to reduce the size of my app.

Has anyone any examples that LZ64 works better than LZ?

Best regards... Nikos.

LZ vs LZ64

The technical reference manual suggests they are both exactly the same except for the extra 32k RAM memory - (here) - in fact to quote the manual "The hardware is basically the same as standard organiser II....".


I managed to create this error on an LZ64 with more than 39k free it was never going to be out of memory. It has something to do with 'booting' applications onto the main memory. After I bought one of Oliviers 256k RAMPacks I MADE it 'bootable' by putting my LANDpack on first then AMADE the Spreadsheet OPK behind that before transferring all my data and other programme files.

When I inserted this pack and pressed [ON/Clear] to boot the apps it would report the [OUT OF MEMORY] error which would only go away if I removed the RAMpack. But I found out later that if I MADE the spreadsheet OPK first then AMADE my LANDpak behind that; they would both boot onto the MAIN MENU my LANDpack in position 1 and PLAN in its normal place towards the end of the MENU. I think I've had this 'booting' conflict in the past when inserting the Comms Link into the top slot.

Other members may wish to comment on Νίκος's question... Has anyone any examples that LZ64 works better than LZ?

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