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Re: Backlit Keyboard

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The only way to have a good quality of a new case is to use a mold.
But I would say don't even think about that.
A few months ago they asked me 2500 Euros for a mold of one part of a comms link.
So the molds of the two parts of one comms link will cost about 5000 Euros.
Now think the size of a comms link case, think the size of an organizer case (we talk about 3 parts) and make the calculation.
3D printing is not the quality we would like to have.But even this is expensive.I paid 30 Euros for scanning a comms link case and 35 Euros for printing one case (2 parts).
Today they asked me for 100 Euros to scan a paralink case.And they told me that if I want an invoice I have to pay 24% more (VAT).I am curious to see how much 3D printing will cost for one case.Just think about the size of a comms link case and the size of a paralink case.So I think that the original case is very beautiful :)
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Re: Backlit Keyboard

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One thing that may help is to fill any unused volumes of the case parts with plastic. If you print a case that is identical to a mass produced injection moulded case you tend to have the thinnest plastic that the designer can get away with in order to reduce the cost of materials. If the model can be modified then fthickening thin walls and filling voids can increase the strength of the print. also, changing to a higher percentage of infill means more plastic and strength.

FDM 3D printed cases aren't going to look good compared to the injection moulded version, either, but it might be possible to perform some kind of finishing if the time is available.

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