P250 Cipher

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P250 Cipher

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At work (BT) back in the late 1980s we were given Psion P250 ( two line display ) devices primarily for timesheet purposes , we called them Ciphers .

We would on initial switch on input employee number , group name , headquarters ,hours worked etc .
We would press travel / onsite then close our jobs , all of which was stored , at the end of the working week ( Wednesday night if I remember correctly ) the timesheet chip was removed and put inside a sturdy plastic pouch with a reversible address window ,which sealed with strong velcro , this was sent off to pay group to be read and erased . Then sent back to you for the next week .

I remember storing my CD collection catalogued on my Psion and when we had a party , I would give them the device to see what CDs I had , oh how cool I was ha ha .
I notice on the device I still have that it has a Print function , I don't remember anybody having a printer for theirs .

https://www.jaapsch.net/psion/pics/gall ... 250-36.jpg
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