Comm's Link Bluetooth with RN-42 Module

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Comm's Link Bluetooth with RN-42 Module

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Good morning all,

Following Nick's request, for a master mode version, I test the RN-42 module from Microchip. My 1st impression, it is a very good product (shame that it is so expensive)

Command mode starts with the characters: $$$ (and --- to exit). I did the test in 1200 baud, 8bit, even parity and 1 stop bit, it works. The documentation mentions that the 7 bit mode is only in DATA mode. It automatically saves the settings and keeps them. There is a way to reset by command or hardware. A switch allows the past in 9600 baud mode, otherwise by default it is in 115K. Practical since the rom of the comm's links is max 9600.

I am testing the 7 bit mode this evening in bluetooth connection.

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