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Looking for the files on an CM/XP Organiser.

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:53 pm
by MartinReid
As the CM/XP Organisers do not have a built in data file searching option those looking to see what is stored on the devices may want to consider...

(1) For those with a Comms Link then Jaap has a great utility 'XFiles' (here)
Extract from Jaaps XFiles.TXT "This program is a comprehensive file manager for the XP, simulating the Xfiles option on the LZ model. When the program is run, a menu appears with the following options: FIND,SAVE,ERASE,DIR,OPEN,NEW,REMOVE,PRINT,SORT,COPY"

(2) Those without a Comms Link could type in a short program to 'LOOK' at the stored files.
You can open LOOK.OPL in windows notepad for viewing as you type it in. The program is short and un-documented for ease of typing in. Jaap has the CM/XP manual (here) which explains how to type in programs..

Put simply [PROG] [NEW] Look (type in the program) [MODE] [TRAN] [EXE] (to save) [RUN] Look.
The chances are you'll have 'typing in' errors so say yes to [EDIT] Y/N as often as you need.

When the program is running use [Q] to quit.

Good Luck

Re: Looking for the files on an CM/XP Organiser.

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2022 12:57 am
by MartinReid

While looking into the issue of Logging Amateur Radio Contacts on an Organiser II CM/XP for a Ham enthusiast that couldn't use the HamLog Utility. This issue of the lack of file handling on these two line machines was raised again. Also with the possible use of the spreadsheet for this logging task then the simple 'look.opl' is no good as it only 'looks' for ODB's.

With all this in mind find xpTOOLS (here). You will see it is a combination of published file handling routines with a some extra Comms options built in.

Please let me know if you try it