Looking for the files on an CM/XP Organiser.

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Looking for the files on an CM/XP Organiser.

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As the CM/XP Organisers do not have a built in data file searching option those looking to see what is stored on the devices may want to consider...

(1) For those with a Comms Link then Jaap has a great utility 'XFiles' (here)
Extract from Jaaps XFiles.TXT "This program is a comprehensive file manager for the XP, simulating the Xfiles option on the LZ model. When the program is run, a menu appears with the following options: FIND,SAVE,ERASE,DIR,OPEN,NEW,REMOVE,PRINT,SORT,COPY"

(2) Those without a Comms Link could type in a short program to 'LOOK' at the stored files.
You can open LOOK.OPL in windows notepad for viewing as you type it in. The program is short and un-documented for ease of typing in. Jaap has the CM/XP manual (here) which explains how to type in programs..

Put simply [PROG] [NEW] Look (type in the program) [MODE] [TRAN] [EXE] (to save) [RUN] Look.
The chances are you'll have 'typing in' errors so say yes to [EDIT] Y/N as often as you need.

When the program is running use [Q] to quit.

Good Luck
Simple CM/XP program to LOOK for files
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