Error in LZ Programming manual

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Error in LZ Programming manual

Post by toml12953 »

In the description of the BEEP command on page 67 of the LZ Programming Manual, it says:

"Syntax: BEEP x%,y%
Sounds the internal buzzer of the Organiser. The sound duration is k%
milliseconds. The frequency of the sound is determined by the equation
Frequency = 921600/(78+2*y%)Hz."

I believe the duration should be x%, not k% (or the command should be BEEP k%,y%)
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Error in LZ Programming manual (BEEP)

Post by MartinReid »

Dear TomL

Again well spotted, you are correct, I'll correct that. I've checked the original text from the archived web site it is there as well. Please let me know if you find anything else..

Sincerely and in good faith
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