Psion ii keyboard

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Psion ii keyboard

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I'm just starting out with the Psion 2 organiser, using an old XP model. I'm more used to the SIBO machines, 3, 3A, Siena and the Series 5, so the keyboard of the 2 is really frustrating. Is it possible to remap the keyboard to a more conventional layout? I'm not a programmer, other than a bit of simple OPL, so please be gentle! ;)

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Re: Psion ii keyboard

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Your post caught my eye, because today I had need to type all the letters of the Alphabet in their correct alphabetical order and really appreciated the layout of the Organiser II keyboard!

To answer your question though, I'd have thought it unlikely that a remap would be possible. However, you could try the Harvester Finger Organiser system which will remap your brain. It allocates keys to fingers in a series of 'palettes'. There are also speed tests that you can take to measure and improve your performance. I have found that it significantly increased my data entry rate.

Google Jaap Scherphuis and look on his PSION page for details.


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Re: Psion ii keyboard

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There are raw codes for the hardware key contacts that follow a logic dependent on how the circuit board tracks had to be laid, so mapping is already happening, so remapping is definitely possible, but in practise it's best NOT to do it.

Consider the standard QWERTY system... It's weird, and was designed to slow down the access to certain keys to make the access rate consistent for letters used by fast typists, while also putting the least-used characters at the periphery of the layout. It's been controversial for as long as it has existed, but consistency and habit keep it going.

Consistency and habit is the best way to cope with the Organiser II machines too, and if you ever want to use the WorkAbout version of the 16-bit Organisers, you'll need that layout there too. On an 8-bit machine it's ok because you can't write that much into one anyway. Then again, 254 chars per string is still a lot longer than a Twitter-post. The Blackberry machines tried to reinvent the key layout problem but failed, because it was just different. There is NO ideal layout. Never was.

Getting used to an established layout is the closest we ever get to 'ideal'. The 'motor memory' in our bodies is by far the best remapping system we have.

There is a KEYS program by Jaap Scherphuis that helps a lot for getting extra characters that aren't normally available. There's a similar tool in the Harvester AutoScribe pack, but the KEYS program is more convenient and easier to use.
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