Creating Datapak in Jaap's Emulator

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Creating Datapak in Jaap's Emulator

Post by toml12953 »

I follow the instructions to create a 32K Datapak and when I turn on the emulator, it resizes the pak I made. When I try to do a DIR, though, I get ERROR UNKNOWN PACK. How can I use self-created paks?
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Creating Datapak in Jaap's Emulator

Post by MartinReid »

Dear TomL

Well I must say that is well spotted... You are correct there seems to be a bug in the emulator that 'corrupts' the 32 and 64K Datapacks. All the others pack sizes and types appear to work. Unfortunately I suspect you will need to adopt a work-a-round as Jaap never took up membership of this forum and is difficult to contact via his PSION2 web-site.

Possible work-a-rounds

(1) if it is important that the pack is a 32K or 64K datapak.

Then create one in Jaaps OPK File editor [Save_as] find it in your download folder rename it and move it to your working folder and [Select OPK file] in Jape give it a name and create it then insert it in a slot. It is already 'sized' so will be available for use.

(2) of it is NOT important that the pack is a 32k or 64K Datapak.

Then you can choose a different pack size or type and continue as normal.

Remember if you 'write' something to the pack then make sure it is named in the [Select Pack:] field and [Save] it to your download folder so that it is available for your next Jape session.

Again well spotted TomL
Sincerely and in good faith
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Re: Creating Datapak in Jaap's Emulator

Post by amenjet »

i assume this is the Jape emulator we are talking about?
the code is out there, so this could presumably be fixed?


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