A Thank You to Jaap Scherphuis

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A Thank You to Jaap Scherphuis

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This post is to say thank you to Jaap Scherphuis for his Psion II website and the Jaap emulator on that site. I've assembled a couple of projects around the Psion II recently and his web site has been an invaluable resource, not just for the content but also because it is so complete, well organised and indexed. Some of the things I used the site for:
  • As a source of .OPK images that could be put on an SD card for the datapack gadget
  • I took the 6303 file from Jape and used it to check my emulator while it was running (I ported the javascript to C for this). ironically it looks like my
    emulator may have found a wrinkle or two in Jape, but Jape definitely won in the bug finding contest.
  • I also used Jape to see how certain things were implemented, just as a second idea about things which made aspects clearer than the Hitachi manual on the 6303 presented them. I'm thinking about the flag handling in some instructions. I'm thinking of you DAA...
  • As an index to the technical reference manuals. I use this while coding, it's really handy.
  • For the most complete Psion I information source I have found.
  • For the content created by Jaap. things like the information about the Psion printer.
I have sent Jaap some emails about problems I found, but have received no reply, I really hope that he doesn't abandon his site (there is an update in the log for 2021, so it has been worked on recently). I'd also like to get a schematic of the XP I found on the internet to him for possible inclusion on the site.

Perhaps there would be a way to get the information on the site distributed on a memory stick like the Museum of HP Calculators database?

Just in case you read this, thanks again Jaap.


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