Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Post by ScottRichards »

Hi Everyone

Just putting an introduction out. I'm Scott Richards from the UK and work as an Software R&D Engineer for the film industry. Some people may have come across me before on the forum where I was the moderator "Sora". Where I helped Boris and Mike with maintaining the site. I also wrote the Psiora emulator for running Psion2 content on PC.
I posted the source code here at the time, and I plan to get back to this project with something a bit more user friendly in the future.

I'm the proud owner of an LZ64, which is the device which first started my programming adventures. OPL technically being my first language, with HD6303X machine code being the second once I realised you could use it to access an extra 7K of storage space on the Psion2 (a big bonus for side scrolling games).

Other interesting things about me, I'm a big fan of motor racing and like to do simRacing in my spare time. As well as indoor karting. I also have a keen interest in Virtual Reality.

If anyone has any questions generally, or specifically to the Psion2 series. Feel free to message me anytime, after writing the emulator. I have a reasonably good understanding of how the hardware and OS works. Additionally of anyone has any of the ROM images from the Psion1, those would be great to get hold of for future work.

All the best everyone!
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Introducing myself

Post by MartinReid »

Hi Scott

I do remember SORA, you will be pleased to know there are a half dozen or so 'old' forum members who have followed us across here. I also remember giving Psora a try but never managed to get it started and as I was a true devotee of the original PSION developer suite which ran easily in a 32bit windows command window never persevered but who knows now might be the time to give it another go. You will of course has seen Jaap's Java Script Emulator (here). I'm sure you and Andrew (amenjet) will have plenty to discuss.. Have you seen his 'Recreated Organiser'?

Jaap has a Series 1 ROM image on his web site (here).

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