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Hi Everyone -

I was encouraged to introduce myself as a new forum member by Martin, so here goes.

My name is Brian Watts, I've been an IT professional for over 25 years and love I all things Psion. I first owned a Series II back in the 80's and still have it today. Over the years I've owned (and still do) most of the Psion Organisers including the series II,3a and 5, but my favourite is close race between my LZ and 3a. Back in the day when quality manuals where always included with electronic devices, I enjoyed programming my Psion devices using OPL considering it a great improvement over BASIC, the language I guess most people of my generation cut their teeth on. I discovered this community via YouTube having stumbled upon Martin's channel and was amazed to find that series II still has an active following. I still use my LZ today and am always interested in how others might use their device in 2021.

Other facts about me, I was keen short wave listener in my youth and spent many hours in my grand fathers radio ham 'shack' listening to long distance broadcasts. Both my grandfather and father were/are registered radio hams so the radio bug has always been with me. Today, my hobbies include historical cryptography, computer programming, puzzle solving and photography.

Finally, I'd be very happy to contribute to any software related project for the series II and am considering creating an Enigma machine simulator in the near future.

Cheers all,

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Good stuff...

I'm sure you know (but) Japps site is (here)

The eBay store is (here) I can recommend the USB Comms Link and 256k RAMpack. I think Olivier has closed his 'shop' so the one's in the eBay store might be the last one's ever made. Peter will know!

And you could show your old fella the (HamLog) I'm sure he will smile when he sees the -Morse Code Tutor-

That's enough to be getting on with..
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