New users - getting started

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New users - getting started

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This post is for those who have recently acquired a PSION Organiser II, particularly those without a user manual and want to get started. Make note that Jaap Scherphuis a very experienced enthusiast has archived a vast amount of information in his web pages the links to which below will open in the same or a new browser window depending on your browser settings.


(1) Identify which model you have. There are a few different variants - more details (here) - but the main consumer models are the two line display CM or XP and four line display LZ. The model version is printed on the case above the keyboard under the display.

(2) Insert Battery (see warning below) - when you have followed your battery details link - scroll up the page to see 'where things are' particularly the contrast wheel.
(2a) CM/XP battery details (here)
(2b) LZ battery details (here)

(3) Nothing is displayed on the screen, When an Organiser is first used sometimes there is nothing displayed on the screen and it is assumed that it is not working.
(3a) Check the contrast of the LCD screen by rotating the contrast wheel; set it to suit your needs
(3b) Still nothing displayed - Re-check the battery is inserted correctly. Use a new battery to be sure.

(4) Set Time
(4a) CM/XP because of the Year 2000 bug, set the year to 1999 which has January 1st on a Friday the same as 2021 the Diary and Alarm day and dates will now be in synch. See Y2K bug fix below. Set CM/XP time details (here)
(4b) LZ The LZ machine does not suffer the Y2K bug, Set LZ time details (here)

(5) Try the Calculator
You can of course try anything you want, but I use the calculator for everything.
(5a) CM/XP calculator details (here)
(5b) LZ calculator details (here)

Anyway that should have got you started; PDF copies of Organiser Manuals are available (here)

Posted in good faith

Replacing battery. Removing the battery will result in the loss of any data held in the internal RAM memory. Before removing the battery check with the owner as to the value of any data held. If you have access to a Top Slot power supply then when connected and switched on it should be possible to remove and replace the battery without losing this RAM data.

Y2K bug fix
CM/XP Year 2000 Bug fix. Jaap wrote a Year 2000 fix utility (here). The included text file explains how to type in (or if you have a Comms Link down load) then Translate and Run the programs.
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