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Good afternoon all,

Martin suggested that introduce myself and how I am using the Psion II.

I am from the UK and based in Germany. My first psion was the Psion II way back in the late 80´s, as I started out on my computer career. After going through all the Psion products (right up to the 7), I have decided to go back to the II, as it is more practical for carrying around and is far less prone to the usual hinge issues the later products had.

Anyway, I have written several admin applications in OPL for my daily use, such as Portfolio Manager, To-Do Manager, House Inventory, and a Car Manager.

My current project is to convert some of the routines in Machine Code, however, I am at the infancy stage :-)

Many thanks to Martin for completing my login and I shall be looking forward to some interesting discussions.

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Re: Introduction

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(I hope Simon won't mind my piggybacking on his thread ;) )

I've also been asked by Martin to introduce myself, so here goes – my name is Paweł, I'm based in Poland. Some of the "survivors" from the previous Psion forum may remember me posting as Cosi.

Some background: although I fell in love with Psion palmtops back in the 90's (when I saw one at a computer expo), I only started buying them after they had become "vintage" – starting with a Siena palmtop; I bought my first Organiser II around 2009.

As someone experienced with the "competitor" Atari Portfolio, I truly appreciate the fineness and sophistication of the Psions, their durability (the Organisers) and long battery life, the fact that OPL was available on every Psion, from the first Organiser to Symbian devices, and even thoroughly described in the manual (including low-level things such as some system calls!).

As to how I use my Organiser(s) on a daily basis, I'm still trying to find a niche for them; unlike the later clamshell Psions, they fail miserably at being a notebook (or maybe it's only my impression?), which is my basic application of a handheld device. And I have to admit, I've been thinking about writing something cool in OPL/assembly for several years (having seen Jaap's jaw-dropping programs like Plato), but so far I haven't even started :(
I've played a bit with connecting to BBS-es through `tcpser`, though, and it seems like a great job for the Organiser (despite the small screen)!

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